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What’s Your Poker Bankroll?

Every poker player has a Bankroll, but the question is how much should I have?  If you are just playing for fun, a bankroll size usually is small.  You would be considered a fish and in most cases will lose your bankroll but have fun.  If you are a serious poker player there are issues you have to consider.  What poker games are you interested in?  Do you prefer Limit or No Limit games?  Are you an aggressive player or passive?  Do you prefer Live Cash Games or Tournaments?

Cash Game Bankroll

If cash games is what you want to play, there are experts that suggest your bankroll should be not less than 300 times the big blind.  For a passive player, this may be adequate, but if you are a loose player that plays a lot of pots, your bankroll will have to be larger.

The type of poker game is also an important factor.  For example, playing draw poker would require a smaller bankroll than in triple draw.  Texas Hold’em has 1 to 4 rounds of betting, but some games have may have up to 7 rounds of betting like seven card stud and these games would require a larger bankroll.

Playing Limit, Pot-Limit or No-Limit will be a factor in the size of your bankroll.  If you are playing on a limited bankroll, playing Pot-Limit and No-Limit should be avoided.

Tournament Bankroll

If tournaments are your game of choice, you would only have to find out what the entry fee is.  For example, $128 + $12.  The $128 would be the entry fee and the $12 would be for the dealers.  There could be a flat fee where only one amount is displayed.  This is where the poker room will just take out a set amount from each participant.  There could be add-ons for more chips or rebuys for a set time.  You can calculate the size of your bankroll before even playing one pot.

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