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Poker Etiquette Key Points

Good etiquette in poker follows the golden rule of life, treat your opponents as you would like to be treated.  When you do that, most mistakes will be labeled as an honest mistake.  But make sure you ask what was done and how to correct it.  Be polite, imagine your opponents as people you respect, you will avoid swearing and other inappropriate behavior.  Using appropriate language is also a must at the tables.

Eating at the poker table is not advised.

Game Etiquette

When betting, use one continuous action.  Reaching back for more chips (string bet) or toss chips (splashing the pot) is bad etiquette.  This will slow the game down and may cause frustration among other players and dealer.  You may count out the bet by your stack of chips while you think, but once you move them toward the middle of the table it will be considered your bet.

When in a cash game, it is bad etiquette to mislead other players about how much money you have at the table.  Removing or adding chips while playing is inappropriate.  Only when you are done playing or going to another table is when it is permissible to remove your chips from the table.

Understand that if you are being called on a bet you must show your cards.  Be aware that it is bad etiquette to wait for the player who called you to show their cards before you do (slow roll).  Act when it is your turn, making a folding gesture or reaching for chips out of turn can give your opponents information.  Exposing your cards or giving advice on a players hand is bad etiquette.

One important rule for good etiquette is to speak only when you need to.  Choose your words very carefully, for it can protect your hand and expose your opponent.

Watch this YouTube video for an example:

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