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Playing A Live Poker Tournament

Playing poker online is enjoyable and a lot of players mess around with it from time to time.  However, many players appear to feel that playing in a live poker tournament is really much like playing it online.  Well, some of it is and some of it isn’t.  Here are 9 helpful tips on how to alleviate your transition from playing online to playing in a live poker tournament.

9 Tips To Know About Live Tournaments

1) If you have trouble dealing with pressure in life.  Then don’t think that playing in front of a roomful of people will have no impact on you.  If you are not able to keep your emotions under control and be calm.  I would recommend you to keep your money and forget about playing in a tournament.  This is more relevant when discussing a live poker tournament.

2) It is best to wear comfortable and not stylish clothing.  Think about it as though you are at work and expect to be there for 8 or more hours.  Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Make sure you have a jacket or hoody, for some of the rooms do get cold after sitting there for hours.

3) Drink water in moderation, just enough so that you don’t get thirsty.  Consuming too much water (or any liquid) could make the desire to go to the bathroom to frequent.  Leaving the table in the middle of a hand can be devastating to a poker player.

4) Avoid consuming alcohol and sugared drinks.  Alcohol could cause you to lose your concentration and sweet beverages provide an incorrect sense of well-being. Although, one or two may help when you’re done playing an 8+ hour session.

5) If you have a choice of seats when entering the tournament, choose the one opposite of the dealer.  Sitting next to the dealer can block your view of some players and observing any tells.

6) Changing positions while playing is not advised.  If you really feel uncomfortable, ask to see if a change of position is permitted and if so, do so only after a hand ends.

7) Find out where the bathrooms are before you sit down to play.  This is so when the break is announced, you know exactly how long it will take you to go, and do not hang around talking.  You really don’t want to miss any play because you didn’t go to relieve yourself.

8) Be aware of everyone’s chip stack.  The players who are low in chips are waiting for a strong hand and will be ready to shove all their chips in.  Those with a larger stack will play more hands and are willing to risk the loss.  Every decision is based on previous hands played by the players involved.

9) Read the rules and regulations of the poker tournament.  Knowing your rights as a player can be to your advantage. This could also save you time and unnecessary losses.

Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Live poker games are people vs people.  If you are able to read a person, you could use it to your advantage when playing in a poker tournament.  But do not over-estimate your opponents level of skill.  Some poker pros lose to reasonably unknown players, due to the fact that they are over-confident.  So, study the game, believe in yourself, and calmly you may stand a chance of cashing, in your very first tournament.

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