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Big Blind Ante – Here to Stay

The big blind ante wasn’t invented in 2018 but was usually only seen in high-stakes tournament play.  The method of collecting the antes from every player for each hand (the old way), to only the Big Blind posting the BB and the ante.  The ante would consist of a set amount like $200 or sometimes be equal to the total ante from each player on the table.  This has turned into a tournament format that has been widely accepted in 2018 and will probably be the standard in 2019 and beyond.

Why The Change

Why did the big blind ante become such a hit in the poker community?  Well, there isn’t any proof to back up the claim that the internet or online poker has something to do with it, The one big factor that online players like is the pace of the game.  You’ve seen clocks and time chips in poker cash games, which indicates, almost every poker player wants a game with a nice flow to the game.  The big hang up on live tournaments is that it takes so long,  The dealer’s job before the start of a hand was to make sure the SB, BB, and antes are posted, having the Big Blind ante increased the speed of the game.

Big Blind Ante Test

In early 2018, there were many tournament directors that had started to implement this format into some of their tournaments.  The World Poker Tour used it in their L.A. Poker Classic with a good response from most players.  But the big breakthrough was when the 2018 WSOP incorporated it into eight of its bracelet events.  Example Chart Below

Aria's big blind ante tournament chart

Aria’s Big Blind Ante Tournament Chart


You can count on Big Blind Ante being in many tournaments.  It’s been tested through 2018 with great feedback from staff and players.  Daniel Negreanu once said that poker today is changing, the philosophy has changed and now so is the game format.

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