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How to play Badugi Poker

Badugi Poker is a 4 card, triple draw, low ball poker game with a twist.  In this game, to get a Badugi your 4 cards hand has to have no pair, be 4 suited, and be as low as possible.  Badugi has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. There is a small blind a big blind and a button that moves clockwise.  Aces are low, so the best hand would be Ac, 2d, 3h, 4s, as long as they are of all different suits.  If you have a hand with a pair or two cards of the same suit, like 2h, 4s, 5h, 7d.  You will no longer be using all 4 cards in your hand.  Your hand would be using 2h, 4s, 7d. If you had a pair like 2d, 4s, 4c, 6h, you may have 4 suits but you can only use one of the 4’s. So again you have a 3 card hand.  In Badugi a 4 card hand beats a 3 card hand and a 3 card hand beats a 2 card hand.  It is very important to try and get all 4 suits as illustrated below.

Badugi in color


When the players agree to start the game, the cards are dealt then a round of betting occurs.  Then a round of drawing cards and after that betting, after that drawing cards, etc. Any player can choose not to draw cards (stand).  Players will attempt to out think or bluff each other by betting more than their hand is worth.  This is simply a part of the excitement created when playing.  If it goes to showdown, the player with the lowest hand using all or most of his cards wins.  Badugi can be played live or online.

Badugi Poker: A change of pace

There are a lot of different poker games that are played, similar to solitaire.  Poker has an ever-growing variety and variations to the game.  But after a while, players may get a bit tired of playing Texas Hold’em and look for a change.  They sometimes play games like Omaha, 5 card draw, razz and also stud games that are readily available.  When they want to learn a new game or practice, they could go to an online poker site that has table games available 24/7 today.  Badugi is definitely a change from your typical poker game.

As with any type of card game, the best way to really learn is to play the game and experience it first hand for yourself.  You might have to wait for a game since it’s not incredibly popular yet.  But it is a change and you may enjoy playing Badugi.  There are just a couple of sites with this game, however, I am sure you can find one and practice for free.  The main thing is remembering, no sets, different suits and low cards.  You could always check out the tutorials supplied on the site you’re checking out.

Where Badugi Poker Originated

Poker, a game making use of playing cards which has actually attracted the interest of the world through tournaments with several variations to choose from.  Badugi poker is just one of the most recent versions to be found on a few websites.  It seems that Badugi is gradually expanding as players are taking an interest.  The game is thought to have originated from South Korea.  Badugi is most likely to grow as more individuals acquire internet accessibility and discover the enjoyment in multiplayer online poker games.

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